Open Water Swimming

Hey guys, I’m back! I am writing from the middle of the ocean on the 65 foot MacGregor named Defy the Odd’s. The water out here in the Atlantic is crystal clear blue like a sapphire. I’m excited because in a few minutes I will be swimming. We have been swimming a lot this week and I am getting really good! I even did a near perfect dive last passage. Last week we left Key West and went to West Palm Beach for a couple of days. Yesterday we left there for St. Augustine and we will arrive later today.

On the first day in West Palm Beach we went over to the zoo. It was kind of a small zoo and me and my brothers didn’t like it that much. There were only 3 sections of the zoo and the attractions were small but we still had fun. I saw an alligator that was all white and he was so big. He looked fake to me because he was standing still and didn’t even move his eyes. This zoo had a koala bear and that was cool because I’ve never seen one and they didn’t have those in Texas at the other zoo. My favorite animal to see is the tiger or other cats.

My favorite thing we did in West Palm was when we went to The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. We got to go on a tour of the Hotel and learn all about the history. It has been there for a really long time! There used to be a railroad there that dropped people off right at the hotel front doors. There is beautiful artwork everywhere we look, especially on the ceilings. The rooms there are $1,500 to $11,000 a night! After the tour we got to have lunch with the CEO of the hotel. His name is Paul Leone and his wife is named Kathy. I got to sit next to Kathy at lunch and I really liked talking to her. I ate a Buffalo chicken sandwich for lunch and we got fresh baked cookies from the chef in the bakery during our tour. When it was time for dessert I made up my own kind of smoothie and named it “The Carleston”. I hope it becomes famous!

Wanna know what’s super cool about this passage to St. Augustine? Captain Mike is here!! He is so cool. He’s really awesome too and I love spending time with him. So does everyone else, especially Bruce because that is the first captain he had and they are really close. We went swimming with Captain Mike at Peanut Island and that was really fun. I like when we spend time together on passage because Captain Mike teaches me a lot of stuff. I learned more about when the boat jibs and making sure we are safe and communicate. We have to always work as a team to be safe.

This is it folks! Our last passage on this expedition. I am feeling a little sad that it’s over but mostly I’m really really proud of myself. I am only 12 years old and I have now sailed 1,200 nautical miles! I don’t know anyone my age that can do that and before I came out here I thought I would not be able to do it. But everyone believed in me and I did a great job! I can’t wait to get back home and go to AstroSkate and get new roller skates called “Vanillas”. My birthday is coming up soon and I’m excited for that too. I think this was a fun and rewarding experience and I learned so much. I can’t wait for the next expedition!

A motley crew exploring the Caribbean sea and North Atlantic ocean on a 65' MacGregor sailboat named ‘Defy the Odds’.